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Here is my account......What you were excpecting more? Dont have much since my general life is philosiphing and kicking ass in 3 diffrent languages. O well if u want more try my website.... if its finished. Every one got that, even the little ones?Ok cya.


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The very begining of my next story.

Operation Snakebite
By Ryan Davis

My name is David Johnson. There was nothing special about me and some would say there still isn't. I was a grunt in the army, a "get in line and shut up" kind of guy. That was all before what happened at New Eden, once a mark of modern technology. It was built upon Eden, a small town that burnt down to nothing in one night. Today though is a completely different story for both of those towns. I guess they say ghosts can never be put down. I learned that the hard way... during operation snakebite.

December 27th, 2028

Sand, it's all I have seen today. They moved our division today out to some base they were setting up in the desert. It was 20 miles away from the super city New Eden. This desert wasn't so different from life back home. I was never really welc---- "Wake up you idiot. We are almost to Omega site" said Carlos. Carlos our sergeant never really liked it when any of us fell from attention, even in a APC. "Why are we going out to the middle of a desert, so we can all starve to death?" said Johnny, another soldier in our 6 man squad. Carlos didn't hesitate to snap back "You watch yourself private or I will have you push the APC there. We are regrouping with the rest of the squad at the site to set up a com station". "Yay now we can listen to the lizards starve to death too" Johnny replied back.

Our APC pulled up to a few camouflaged tents with some surveillance gear set up. "On your feet now!" barked Carlos. We all got off and headed for the tents. Outside the tents was Ben and Nathan. It seemed that Ben our demolitions man got a little frisky with his own explosions and Nathan was stitching back what was left of his hand, for the fifth time. Inside the tent I saw Leona, our communications soldier, working on a smoking machine too complicated for me to understand. The six of us were now regrouped and ready to follow orders to the end, or at least that's what we would say.

We were all sitting around a fire in the middle of our camp just waiting for orders. We had been told to stay here and report anything suspicious until told new orders. "All this sitting around is boring, when will we get some orders" said Ben. "The only thing you don't think is boring is blowing yourself up and making me put you back together" replied Nathan. I don't talk much but sometimes no one else has the guts to say what we are all thinking. "Sir don't you think its strange we have to set up a com station on our own land. They don't make these stations for nothing so we have to have some reason why we are out here". Carlos thought it over and replied back "You do have a good point, the closest city is New Eden and that place has a small army as security so they wouldn't need us. I guess we will just have to find out when our orders come in". Leona came out from the tent and said we had received orders, orders no man should be given. She told them to Sergeant Carlos and he came back out to tell us. "Soldiers, shoot anyone on site"

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