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Here is my account......What you were excpecting more? Dont have much since my general life is philosiphing and kicking ass in 3 diffrent languages. O well if u want more try my website.... if its finished. Every one got that, even the little ones?Ok cya.


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--------------------Book part 1------------------------ READ THIS!

Posted by 7thkiller - April 8th, 2011

Hey this is the first part of a book im writing tell me what you guys think of it and guys no stealing. Its written in a journal form with Italics being the parts that are said that isnt written in the journal but for some background information.

-------This journal belonged to Jonathan Savid, a military recon sniper of the 103rd reconnaissance ------division.-------
March 18, 1995
My father gave me this journal so I can write what my military life was like. He had his own journal from Vietnam; he said it helped repress the memories. I never did understand how keeping records made you forget things but it meant something to him so I decided to take the present.

March 20, 1995
My first day of training. It was a hell of amount of work. The drill sergeants said they were 'weeding out the bad crops'. Already 3 people were sent home.

April 2, 1995
We had gun training for the first time. For some reason when I was going to get my gun some guy pushed in front of me and took the last rifle. I decided to get back at him so after he fired down range at his target I asked the drill sergeant for his pistol. I showed that guy who the real big shot was. I was immediately sent to sniper training since I hit all 7 shots on the bulls eye.

June 21, 1995
Ive become one of the best snipers here. I met three guys in training. They seem like some old friends from back home. Jim was one of them. Big tall guy, I don't understand why a giant needs a sniper instead of a club. Ryan was another, average size guy that doesn't talk much but can put together and take apart a rifle faster than any one can. Then there's David, blonde haired guy from Australia. We are constantly trying to mock his accent but then he takes out his knife and says we wouldn't last a day were he comes from.

August 13, 1995
There's something wrong going on with the Government lately. We don't follow the news but I guess something about hackers trying to take down huge banks accidently found a way into the pentagon and got some sort of info.

August 16, 1995
We're moving off the base into the city. I can't believe this. We are trying to find out why, but all we get is the sergeants ask the generals, the generals ask the politicians, the politicians ask the president, and the president isn't commenting. Great system of government we have.

August 21 1995
We have set up a base in New York. I've heard there's a base in every major city now. Jim and Ryan heard some rumor that this all has to do with the information stolen from the pentagon. David says that's too small of a thing for this much military movement. I don't know what to think anymore. All I have been thinking of is my family back home.

August 24, 1995
Those hackers that got into the pentagon made public announcements. Apparently they want to save America from capitalism or some stuff like that and to save humankind from themselves they must purge humankind from itself. Non of us on the base understood a word of it.

August 25, 1995
The worst has happened. Apparently that the info the hackers got were codes to certain missile silos. We have been sent into every house tearing it apart to find any clue to were the hackers are. I sent a letter out to my family to get out of the citys and go into the country.

October 31, 1995
Halloween, what a great day to be told if the government doesn't lay down their authority to the hackers then the hackers will set off the nukes. 2 days are given to decide. God how I'll remember this Halloween.

November 1, 1995
The day before what the hackers call Redemption day. The military has gone into a craze trying to disarming all of their rockets and the White house has, as always, run to some bunker. Jim is sharpening his knife, David is strangulating some stress ball and Ryan just keeps looking at some random gun pieces from his sniper. It was there way of coping with the fact that tomorrow could be there last day.

November 2, 1995
Everyone is celebrating. The military was able to disarm all propulsion systems on their rockets. Everyone was drinking beer and dancing to some song I never hear of. For the first time in a long time I heard from my family. When I gave them the news they all started screaming praises to god. They were talking about how when I got back we would have those family barbecues and fire off some firew.....

-----------As of November 2,1995 7:54 PM the world was forever changed. The hackers set off the missiles in their own silos. The explosions led to the detonation power that was strong enough to be felt across the world and to leave destruction in its wake.-----------

I cant believe what happened mostly because I don't know what happened. There was a bright light in the distance and a large cloud approached us Suddenly everything went black. I woke up in what remained of our military base. I first heard the screams of Jim, he had his knife going through his right leg. I took the knife out of him and found Ryan poping Davids shoulder back into place. We all of course started asking each other what had happened. But we didn't know. There were others crawling from debris, some civilian others soldiers. We all had broken bones, lacerations, and who knew what else. I was scared. We all were. All I could think of was my dad, he had always helped me out of the worst of times as a kid. I just wish he could help me now. I looked down and saw this journal, the journal he gave me. I remember he said that writing everything that happened when he was in Vietnam helped him not to lose his mind and it let him realize what he should do. I guess that is like my father's last piece of help. So I have decided to keep using this journal, in memory and advice of my father.

Redemption log 1
We had gathered what survivors made it through the event, whatever it was. People started asking of what to do. They started to panic and start blaming people for the event. We told them to settle down and that the first thing we needed wasn't to start blaming people. We all started scavenging for food and water. We just tried not to think about the future.

Redemption log 2
The people started to get the military tents that we had used and clear an area so we could use them. People were frightened today by a distant skyscraper. Most had fallen but two skyscrapers laid against each other bearing each other's weight. When they fell people saw it like a last moment of a chance that everything would go back to normal. The dead were counted up in our area. We had about 200 square foot area begun to be cleared. Jim thought we couldn't survive without a stable ground. It made sense and most did miss not having to walk on metal and stone.

Redemption log 3
The clearing went well. With a stable ground we could now set up the tents and store the scavenged food. The rations of our initial search had started to go low. David said we should try to hunt those dogs he saw running around. Jim had a better idea of using the dogs to help search for food, of course neither of them could catch the dogs. Both plans failed.

Redemption log 4
We now have at least an area for us and the survivors. It's a start. Ryan decided to call it camp Cealum. I guess it means sky in some language. Most people thought it had a nice ring and it meant something so they kept it. We started an official count of how many people we had and it came out to 47. People I guess also see me, Jim, Ryan, and David as our survivor groups leaders. Since we were already making a lot of decisions we decided me might as well take the title just in case something came up.

Redemption log 5
Today I stood outside my tent. I looked at all of the people in the camp. Some with broken bones, others needing stiches. Ryan luckily didn't just know about the inside of guns and knew basic medicine and was keeping the survivors alive. Past the camp all I saw was metal. It was bent every way. It looked like a war zone. I guess it is a warzone because were fighting for our lives. I don't know who will last among the survivors. I do know one thing though. We won't give up.

Redemption log 6
When your cut, the scent of blood carries on the wind or the water. The scent attracts wild animals looking for a kill. So when bad things happen I guess it's destined to carry more bad things. We found one of our scavengers dead. His backpack was ripped apart. We thought it was the wild dogs but we found a bloody axe a few feet away. Ryan has now been making makeshift weapons and trying to rebuild some snipers for me and the boys. Were sending out these 'Cealum soldiers' with the scavengers and to the edges of Cealum.

Redemption log 7
We struck some luck in these dark times. A band of four more survivors arrived at Cealum. They were in some lab when Redemption came. They met up at what has been called 'the workshop'. It is were Ryan has been making all of his weapons. They I guess were trying to make some sort of forge today with what has been scavenged.

Redemption log 8
Today I couldn't stop thinking about everything. It was too much to handle. Me and the guys were just soldiers. Now it's the apocalypse and were telling a group of survivors. We didn't know what to do, but then again, no one would.

Redemption log 9
Blood.... Its all I saw. Someone had come into our camp and killed 3 guards. Food was taken from were we stored it. It was horrible. We didn't know if we could make it without that food, but then a stroke of luck came. Some dogs wandered into the camp. They were starving and we let them have some food. At least we have some friends now in this warzone.

Redemption log 10
Ryan and the engineers have gone to work on building a wall around Cealum. Not a bad idea. They are using scavenged metal and the forge they just finished in the workshop. Jim tried to train some of the dogs to do stuff. Sadly there just sitting there not doing much. David was working on making a bow and arrow to use till we have the snipers ready.

Thats all for now. Ill post another 30 logs when there done. Please if you read this dont leave without commenting even if its just 'ok'


Dude, this is really good! I love the whole journal aspect, especially the whole cut off word when the bomb when off. You pull of reading a journal so well, I just have to say. The whole thing is really solid and I can't wait to see the next logs!

Thx dude i thought no one was carring about this story so i actualy stopped writing X( but! since you like it i shall post what i have done and i will continue on!