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-----------------BOOK PART 2---------------------

Posted by 7thkiller - April 16th, 2011

Hey guys! well i said i would post more logs awhile ago but no one commented for awhile so i didnt put these up and actualy got bored with my story. But! for you who have read this i shall post more and continue writing. If this is your first thing your reading please go back to part 1, or it will make no sense! Plz every1 comment and thank you for advice.

Redemption log 11
Smoke rises from the workshop. You can hear Ryan yelling at Jim for bending the wrong piece of metal or hammering at the wrong time. The wall is a quarter of the way done. At least it makes some comfort.
Redemption log 12
A fight brakes out today among the survivors. When I ran over I found out that someone was captured trying to steal some food. He was yelling out curses and threats at us. Jim knew what we had to do. We took him into the main tent and 'interrogated' him. All I'll say is we put the dogs to good use. After we got everything we knew we sent him tied, back into the wasteland. We find out he used to be a prisoner. A group of prisoners banded together right before Redemption and they started a riot. Obviously because of Redemption what prisoners survived got out. They were the ones that killed some of our men and stole our food. I guess there are two people important right now. There is us, survivors of Cealum. Then the bandits, all of those escaped prisoners that are out there somewhere, and I doubt they will be happy with what we did to the thief they sent.
Redemption log 13
The wall is finished today but the workshop doesn't think so. They are setting in plans for improvements on the wall like spikes at the exterior base and a platform on the interior so we can stand on it, see over it, and if needed, shoot over it. They are drawing things over metal sheets for blueprints. They seem like little kids, running about and drawing over each other's designs. Days of my childhood flashing in my memory. O but these days are far gone and the world I lived in isn't there anymore.
Redemption log 14
Someone finds some cloth and colored thread on a scavenging mission. They craft something resembling a flag with our squad's emblem, a black eagle over a red X on a white background. They hang it over our central tent. David thinks we were almost becoming our own nation.
Redemption log 15
It's almost been a month now. We don't know what lies in the future yet but it's amazing what we are doing. We have a stable place to stay, for now....
Redemption log 16
We can't keep up with this pace of supplies. We need a reliable source. We call Cealum together for ideas. An idea everyone likes was farming. To supply for a group of around 50 isn't simple.
Redemption log 17
We are starting to look around under the scrap metal for any healthy ground... but there is none. All ground is dark black from suet that rains every now and again. The suet comes from burnt rubber, it would scar the ground. The ground has died from the suet, and would yield no life. It is said we have to leave the city to find healthy ground. We haven't seen the bandits since the walls have been in place but they are still out there, you can hear their screams.
Redemption log 18
A plan is being thought of, a crazy one if not impossible. Ryan wants to create a caravan; it will carry about 7 armed and ready guards. This will go to a secured location where there is healthy ground. Of course there is so much wrong with this plan that he turned back to the workshop.
Redemption log 19
It's been almost 4 months. It's seemed like years. If we didn't find that calendar then we really would think it's been years. I think back to my family. I think back to my father. What would he do in this situation? Of course he could have never really known. No one could prepare for this.
Redemption log 20
There is a girl named Lisa I met today on guard duty. She is nice. I am thinking if I should get to know her more but there's so much to be done. There is no time to find love on the battlefield.


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